Proudly Featured In The Virgin Wine Club

Here at the the Green Creek Winery, we feel very lucky that our wines have been featured in the Virgin Wine Club twice now. And in our honest opinion, you would be downright crazy if you didn’t join the Virgin Wines Discovery Wine Club today. Not only is it the best way to receive some of our wines, but it also provides a personalized service and pretty much all the flexibility you would expect a wine club to offer – in fact more than you could ever possibility need. Do you know of any other wine club offering all of these things?

First of all, as you can read in the many Virgin Wine Club Reviews online, Virgin Wines truly believes in providing handcrafted and boutique bottles of wines pretty much specifically designed just for you. They steer clear of the major wine brands, famous names and ultra-popular labels. That’s one of the reasons why they choose our wines to be in their wine club, because we’re members of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. Why exactly does that matter? Because they want to offer wine club members like you the very best value wines possible and you just won’t get that from the heavily marketed wines that are usually mass produced and sold by other wine clubs. So instead, they look to bring you the best quality, most exciting wines from up and coming and often undiscovered winemakers. Pure gems just for you, like the wines from the Green Creek Winery!

By joining the Virgin Wines wine of the month club, you instantly become part of a very personalized approach to buying wines from around the world. They recognize that all of their customers are different and like different wines, so that’s why they pick out a unique selection of wines for you to enjoy each quarter. What’s more, they offer two levels to their wine club, so you can choose to join the plan that suits you best. Should you wish to make further purchases of wine, they have a dedicated team of wine advisors on hand to help you personally with your wine recommendations. In addition, they have developed unique technology that will allow you to see only the wines that they think you will love when you sign in to their website.

Virgin Wines believes in providing their customers with as much information as possible about our wines. When they included us in their wine club, they even included information about the other wineries in Asheville and Western North Carolina. This is great, honest information most other wine clubs don’t include. Every week they add over 1000 unedited consumer wine reviews to their website. Why? Because it helps others with their wine choices, and helps them learn which wines to buy more of.

As a thank you for joining their wine club, you will enjoy a number of member benefits, such as a half price wine club welcome case, which is a fantastic deal considering the price of wine is going up. And that’s not all. You’ll also receive a saving of 20% on future Discovery Wine Club cases, plus an exclusive opportunity to buy extra supplies of wine at a 15% discount off the regular price customers pay. And if you call them to sign up, be sure to mention you saw us on Yelp or TripAdvisor and they might give you a 15% discount.

Finally, when you sign up to the Virgin Wines Discovery Wine Club you can rest assured that you are in complete control. There’s no fixed term contracts or hidden charges to contend with. If you decide that you want to skip a case or even cancel your wine club membership, just tell them and they’ll be pleased to assist. If they’re about to send you a wine in your case that you don’t like the sound of, they’ll change it. And if you then don’t like the wine after you’ve tasted it, they’ll refund it with our “no questions asked money back guarantee”. No problem. Unless it’s one of our wines, which we know you’ll LOVE 😉

The Virgin Wines Discovery Wine Club isn’t just any old wine club. It’s different. Personalized. Flexible. And what’s more, you can rest assured that you will be getting a whole host of benefits to help you get the most out of your wines. To find out more, read the Virgin Wine Club Review at

Feel free to learn more about us and the wineries around us and come visit us soon.